Illustrated Books

In 1943, Ariel Agemian began to work for the Confraternity of the Precious Blood, a publishing house for Catholic literature in Brooklyn, New York. Agemian painted over 500 illustrations. They are in the books My Daily Psalms, The Perfect Prayer Book – Authored by God Himself. “The Church gives us many prayers. But after the prayers of the Mass, none are more hallowed than the Psalms—where God Himself teaches us to pray in words inspired by the Holy Spirit. Arranged by Father Joseph Frey, My Daily Psalm Book features a beautiful, solemn, but readable text, adorned with nearly 200 stirring illustrations by artist Ariel Agemian.”

The Christ in the Gospel is now not available.

In the book, My Imitation of Christ, there are 117 Illustrations: “With seemingly miraculous power, Ariel Agemian’s timeless depictions of modern man (in suit and tie) carrying his cross, tempted by Satan to vain pursuits but called by Christ to eternal life. Your soul will be forever imprinted by an image of man’s attempt to be in the world – but not of it.”

Ariel also illustrated My Meditation on the Gospel, and My Mass, which is now out of print.

Christ in the Gospel: “I have greatly desired to eat this passover with you before I suffer.”