On Display

Ariel Agemian Paintings on Display Worldwide

The Resurrection, Holy Cross Armenian Church


Much of Ariel Agemian’s work has been donated and is now on display around the world. His paintings are in:

  • St. Croix de Varek in Arnouville, France
  • College Moorat in Sevres, France
  • Holy Cross Armenian Catholic Church in Belmont, MA (including both paintings shown at left)
  • St. Gregory’s Armenian Apostolic Church in Springfield, MA
  • St. Mark’s Armenian Catholic Church in Wynnewood, PA
  • St. Bernard’s Church in New Broomfield, PA
  • St. Gregory, The Illuminator, Armenian Catholic Church in Toronto, Canada

The painting,”Garden of Gethsemane,” was donated to His Holiness, Vasken 1, the Catholicos of All Armenians and is now hanging in the Cathedral or the Museum of the Holy See in Etvhmiadsin, Armenia. In 2011, the painting, “Christ in the Temple,” has been donated to Anna Maria College in Paxton, Ma. from where his daughter graduated.

Many of Agemian’s works were left in his Paris studio when Agemian came to America for a public showing in New York City.  Sadly, the location of these absconded works is unknown at this time.

The Dome of St. Croix de Varek Armenian Catholic Church in Arnouville, France