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Last Supper (sketch)

Last Supper sketch (1963)

This pastel work is a sketch for a major oil painting representing the Last Supper and the 12 Apostles, incomplete at the time of Agemian’s sudden death. The sketch hung for some years in the Holy Cross Church in Cambridge, Massachusetts, magnified and projected so as to fill the space the oil painting was to occupy. After the relocation of the church to Belmont, Massachusetts, the sketch is presumed lost.

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Our Lady of Narek

Special on prayer cards featuring Agemian’s painting Our Lady of Narek; full color and printed on high quality felt art paper. Original is held in the College L. Armenien in Rome; reproductions can be hanging in St. Gregory’s Armenian Church in Toronto, St. Mark’s Armenian Church in Philadelphia, as well as Armenian churches in Beirut and Los Angeles.

25 cards = $10; 50 cards = $15; 100 cards = $25; 250 cards = $40